Overall Information :

 How to create an account?
Your account is created when you fill-in a preliminary form. You can then use the account to access your file or create new preliminary forms.

 How to access the application file?
L’accès au dossier est ouvert par le service admission des programmes Executive Education HEC suite à l’analyse de votre dossier préliminaire. Les candidats disposant d’un profil adapté à ce programme sont invités à candidater, dans le cas contraire vous serez orientés vers un autre programme de notre gamme. 

Can I create various application files?
Yes, provided you apply to different programs. Nevertheless, we will require that you create a new preliminary file for each program and expect that the Admissions Team grants access to the application file.

 Can it be done with the same account?
Yes, once you are logged-in, you can create a new preliminary file from the “Manage your applications” page.

 I lost my password, can I get a new one?
When clicking on “You already have an account”, or after a failed log-in, you will be able to request that a new password is e-mailed to you.

 Technical Information:

 What are the minimum standards required for this website?
Lower performance in the website’s layout and functioning can be observed with other browsers, in particular IE7 and IE6.

 Can firewalls or proxies change the functioning of the website?
Yes, some firewalls or proxies on corporate networks can interfere with the process of uploading documents. If you cannot upload your proof documents, we advise that you try again from home.

 Is the payment process safe? I noticed that payment is processed on another server, is this normal?
HEC Executive Education is a Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) institution. Online payment is processed on the CCIP server using the Mercanet e-commerce solution that was developed and is maintained by BNP Paribas.

Banking data transfers do not pass through HEC servers. Neither are they stored on our servers, but on BNP-Paribas’ servers

The people I invited to write my recommendation letters did not receive the invitation e-mail.
The invitations to write recommendation letters are sent by our servers. Such e-mails are sometimes rejected by spam filters. Unfortunately, we cannot circumvent these filters.

If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will send back the invitations manually.